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Long-term Relationships. Lifetime Results.

Trusted, proven relationships with our students and parents truly distinguish EBL Tutoring from other private tutoring services. We work with the most discriminating clients and schools, and they consistently herald students’ improvement and results. Feel free to review some of their comments and experiences below.

“Our children have benefited from their tutoring with EBL Tutoring. The tutor has always been well-prepared, professional, timely and goal-oriented with our children. The children walk away with greater self-confidence and don’t dread their sessions – they are engaged in the learning process and more equipped to tackle the homework challenges. We highly recommend EBL Tutoring for all students who need some assistance.”

Charlotte Latin parent

“Our tutor has been a great influence on our son while providing tutoring services for him over the last couple of years. They have been quite effective in assisting with developing organizational skills, study habits, and time management. Her style and personality were very conducive to making the learning experience enjoyable for our son, which is half the battle when convincing your child that he/she needs tutoring. We highly recommend EBL Tutoring and plan on keeping in touch should our younger children require the same professional attention that we have come to expect from them.”

Charlotte Country Day parent

“I was at my wits end. Our daughter was academically stumbling badly and I was out of places to turn for help. A friend in the education profession suggested I call EBL Tutoring and see what they might suggest. We were set up with a wonderful, motivated tutor that got us through the school year successfully. We appreciated the experience so much that we are using EBL Tutoring for both my children this year. Again we are having a great academic year and I attribute it in large part to services being provided by EBL Tutoring. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their child’s academic performance.”

Charlotte Christian parent

“After assessing our daughter’s capabilities and needs, EBL Tutoring has been a wonderful influence. The tutor has created a special bond with our daughter and has made the learning experience fun. Working one-on-one has helped create greater self confidence and pride in what she does.”

Charlotte Preparatory parent

“Our son has loved (and respected) both of his tutors. Both have been very dedicated and thoughtful, and under their leadership, our son has developed better study and organizational skills. He is also building confidence in his academic abilities. Hurray for EBL Tutoring and my sincerest thanks. Wish you had been around a hundred years ago when I was 13.”

Charlotte Country Day parent