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Our Approach

Building Bridges to Understanding

Too often children struggle in school not because they lack intelligence, but because they lack motivation and efficient learning skills. Parents may not have the time to foster these qualities. And with overcrowded classrooms, teachers are unable to devote the individual attention these students need to thrive. By building trusting relationships and a solid foundation for learning, EBL Tutoring can help students excel.

Step 1: Organization

We start by nurturing organizational skills, working with students to develop a system that works for them so they can find homework, syllabi, class notes and handouts. We encourage them to keep track of documents with specialized planners, folders, notebooks, etc.

Step 1: Preparation

Next, we teach students how to be prepared for and even ahead of a course. Many students begin homework the day before it’s due, or study for a test the night before. We help students plan and proactively approach academics so they avoid procrastination.

Step 1: Comprehension

Finally, this crucial step assures that students truly understand a subject and related material. This involves memory triggers that help students recall key words and facts. More importantly, it verifies that they have a thorough grasp of a subject.

We want to make students care about their academic performance – to instill a true desire and ability to learn so they no longer need a tutor. Thus, we’re not just helping students pass a test or temporarily boost a grade. We’re teaching study and learning skills
that will follow them throughout their education, career and life.